Welcome to the new revamp of the Lostsoul Computers website. We've made it and we are now officially 10 years old! Starting back in 1996 under the domain lostsoul.org Lostsoul Computers has remained the primary provider of quality MIDI files, and homemade / fanmade mp3 files of artists such as Jean Michel Jarre and Mike Oldfield, bridging the 20th and the 21st Century

This site is also a showcase for the music of Howard R. Farrar (site / domain admin), premiering the Carnival album, and soon the forthcoming album Distant Futures (due to make it's debut in the summer of 2006). Enjoy the content, and please let us know your comments and suggestions as always.

Lostsoul Computers is also very proud to now be hosted by Zen Internet, the UK's best performing ISP. You can check out customer feedback for Zen at http://www.adslguide.org.uk and visit Zen at http://www.zen.co.uk.
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